Sow bug infestation is a nightmare to deal with

Sow bug Infestation Problem

To start with sow bug infestations can be embarrassing. It does not matter whether the said pest attack happens in your home or office. Yes, you can get a sow bug attack in your office. If you find yourself surprised, consider the safety measures that you are putting in place to prevent the pending attack.  

You will find out that most of us are so much into preventing our homes from attacks from pests and leave our commercial premises prone and vulnerable to this attack. Always be wary of your safety as far as pest control is concerned. 

What are sow bugs how do they look like? 

Did you know that most of us get daily pest attacks and fail to know that we are under attack? But, why does this happen that we are unaware more often than not? Let me explain. 

Most of us are in the dark on how some of these common pests’ appearances. We even share our houses without them paying rent instead inflicting more harm than good. We only realize what has been happening behind our backs after we experience the damage.  

As always, prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent the attack from worsening is identifying every attack from the onset. This will save you the time and money that will go into eradicating your premises of fully bred pests.  

To describe the appearance of the sow bug, it grows to around 1cm in length. They are crustaceans that live on the earth‘s ground. Their bodies are divided into tiny segments that you may be unable to see with bare naked eyes. This makes it hard to identify them thus making them a real nightmare to deal with. 

How sow bug attacks happen

Sow bugs get into your house through cracks on walls, doors, ceilings and windows. It is such a complex task getting rid of these tiny creatures once they know an opening. Their breeding rate is high. You only need a handful of them in your home and a couple of days later your house will have transformed into a breeding zone. 

Sealing all potential inlets for sow bugs is the main way to prevent their attacks. Practice proper hygiene through the year to be sure of freedom from these pests and many others.

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